Derek PrinceThe challenge to every believer is that - in Jesus - we are made upright, therefore God has entrusted to us the power to exalt a city/region or province (the earth!)! Please note it is not through prayer or warfare that we do the exalting. It is by repentance & blessing!

The late Derek Prince said, "The word 'proclaim' is derived from a Latin verb which means 'to shout forth' or 'to shout aloud.' It means essentially to declare something with great boldness and strength. I believe that it is a most powerful spiritual weapon or resource which has too long been neglected by Christians."

Obviously, if we are not careful – we also have the power to tear it down & release destruction! The scriptures are replete with warnings concerning the power of our words!

Let us use our tongues to proclaim blessing at every opportunity.


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