Let us bless Israel by declaring the blessing provided for us in Numbers 6:24-26 – knowing that as we invoke the Lord’s name over Israel – He will release His blessing.

“The Lord bless you and keep you Israel; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace Israel.”

Let us also bless the region in which we live, believing that as we do, we are exercising our God-given power to exalt a city/region or province!

Blessing # 1

Father, ________ has been visited by humans for thousands of years. Many good things have been done on this land by the people who came but others have sinned against You, their neighbour and the land.

I ask, first and foremost, that You would open the record of ________, and examine man’s relationship with You. I reject and renounce every act that diminishes Your greatness. I ask You to forgive and purge ________ from every act of blasphemy, all worship of gods that are not gods at all, and the far more prolific sin of simply ignoring You. Let every act of man that directly or indirectly devalued or diminished Your Majesty in ________ be brought under the cleansing work of the Blood of Christ because of the word of my testimony.

I release blessing over ________ in Jesus Name.

Blessing # 2

Father, I confess the sins of mankind against each other’s spirits on this land I call ________. Let every act of spiritual violence or depravity between any people be brought under the blood of Christ and cleansed, including all covenants that in any way are not fully righteous and just when measured against The Righteous Law of the Universe.

I reject and renounce those covenants and ask You to annul them and to cleanse ________ from their impact. Where those kinds of covenants were formed, You released a curse against the land. I ask that those well deserved curses from Your throne also be sent to the cross of Christ.

I further reject and renounce and ask You to destroy the power of every mechanism used to confirm and seal the covenants– words, blood sacrifices, fire, written pacts, sexual activities, ceremonies, clothes, titles, colours, sounds, numbers, fragrances and all other tools. I ask You to put all of this under the blood of Christ so there is no impact at all on the land I call ________.

I release blessing over ________ in Jesus Name.

Blessing # 3

Father I come to You today, lifting up the sins which people have committed against each other’s souls on this land I call ________. Please open the books from the day the first human walked on the land to the present and identify every soul action which is not representative of Your nature. Whether it is having murder in their heart or simply the passive insult of inattentiveness, I ask You to bring every one of those actions and inactions under the blood of Christ and to cleanse ________, from the stain of those actions, words and attitudes.

I release blessing over ________ in Jesus Name.

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